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Heya, I'm supporting you on Patreon now, where can I download the latest releases?

Just played 0.43, enjoyable reads once again! Makes me regret I can't pay for the latest update on :< Thanks for your efforts!

Has your team put an estimated time on which quarter the game might release? I can't find an answer in the FAQ but I'm sure it has been asked before.

Thanks for the quick reply! Would love to donate to this game, I like the little mini-games and how your choices change the outcome. Do you have an estimated quarter of a year that your team is working on for completion?

Can't wait till those unfortunate issues with PayPal have been restored, I'll follow this page till completion!

Nice! Would love to have a 'slutty' personality with less issue to get laid but more difficulty to romantically bond with. May need to involve denying certain advances that come from her side, doing it love rather than lust or the other way around.

Also really like the fact we can customize our sister and decide whether she's blood related or not.

By the way a question: Will you add a payable version of the latest uncensored demo's here on I'd rather not make an account on Patreon as well just so I can enjoy an extended demo. allows easy and anonymous payments. Those that paid for it once can re-download a new alpha version without paying again, until the full version comes out. ;)

Edit added.

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Just trying the new demo, looks like I'm stuck in a loop doing Sword training the second time. It happens after the level 2 Sword Training mini-game while the message repeats: "The Sword Instructor gives a couple of last pointers to the soldiers she is training and walks over to you." Again and again. After reloading save and doing it again it just gets stuck.

Also, will you do something about the annoying 'drag image' while playing any skill-up mini-game? You can drag an image like the target and because of it miss taking the shot.

Furthermore I'm experiencing quite a difference, especially convenient that Auto-text button and the quick save/load! Perhaps a slider to regulate the speed of the auto-text would be a great addition as well! Also, earning Courage after completing a Job makes sense, things go faster this way. Still not through the demo, will provide more feedback later!

EDIT: Finished the new demo! Turns out the loop only happens the 2nd day in the castle, and after talking to the instructor. I was able to finish the training till the milestone before needing to continue with the story.

Love the bad and the seductive girls the most, the sexy and dangerous alchemist, deliciously mysterious cloak & dagger girl and the care free bunny girl :D Will there be different endings for each or an harem ending?

I was able to get a level of courage but no more than 1 before I had to do the end sequence of the Demo. Will we be able to get more courage and unlock a few new scenes before we are forced to end the demo?

By the way I love how you made the mechanics of the game work, can't wait to buy the full version. I bought the NSFW version, to all those who haven't, it's worth the extra distracting scenes plus you're supporting the game progression. Totally looking forward to the Wet Tunic Contest, who knows what's in store for us faulty apprentices there!