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Not really a game, just an interactive story. Most story-driven games give you choices you can make that will affect the storyline, but this only had one such instance that was a false choice anyways since it resulted in the same event (the berries). I have some suggestions for you to improve on the series:

- Please capitalize all the dialogue

- Make the player be able to make different choice and get different events/endings

- Story-driven games also sometimes have puzzle mechanics and crafting to go along with the item finding- not that it's necessary, but is more fun

- Improve on the character and story. The character designs are forgettable... Their personalities are not unique, save for a few of the foxes. Gloomy protagonist, faithful happy friend, cute positive bunny girl, mean foxes, protective mothers (which, the mother yelling at the wolf for being near her young daughter storyline happened twice...)

Also there's something in the game that confused me. I thought the first cabin where her master lived in was where Treat lived, since they have the same house look. And why did the rabbit on the cliff offer to trade Trick a ticket in exchange for an apple when it was clear that the rabbit could easily just had walked a few feet to get it himself? The only reason I can think of was that he pitied Trick. I had thought for sure she was going to give him her trail mix (?) that she picked up from earlier in her house. I also thought the escape from the cult was a missed opportunity for Trick to stand up in the face on conflict. Throughout the entire story, she just took whatever prejudice was thrown at her. It was a good way to explain that not all animals act the way they are perceived, but I wish Trick would have come to that realization herself instead of being told.

Of course, there are some good things about the game! As people have said already, the art is beautiful and clean. There's an obvious improvement from the first game to the last, where in the last there were different perspectives, different cut scenes, and close-ups. The music got better. The game mechanics are always good. I've haven't experienced a bug or glitch yet. I enjoyed how the NPCs sprites moved around as they talked to show their personality.

Lots and lots of potential.


I think the dialogue that is in lower case is a style choice, representing the main character's inner voice.

I understand that it was lowercase to represent that, but bad grammar isn't stylistic. Inner thoughts can be represented through bracketing, italics, different text color, things like that.


Undertale tho.

i think the idea is that boreas (the travelling rabbit) was too tired and lacked the energy to move to the tree himself. it was a little strange, but there was an explanation given. maybe trick finished the trail mix as their journey was pretty long? or maybe they were sticking to their original plan of sharing the trail mix with treat and didn't want to give it to boreas.