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welcome, one and all, to the private kitchen. Be sure to eat your fill, because who knows where the next meal will be coming from?

Another fantastic experience (calling andrea's creations mere "games" would do them a disservice) that leaves you with many questions, despite having the game's main questions answered for you quite specifically at the end. mind you, i didn't receive the true end... so can anybody else manage it?

the whole thing is a creepy, crawling, paranoia-inducing trip, where you turn every corner wondering just when your time will be up. will it ever be up? or is it all constantly downhill from here?

OK, i'm done asking rhetorical questions. all i'm going to say now is that if anyone wants to dig deep into their own psyche whilst wandering around a weird hellscape, then this game is the way to go.

tread carefully, the private kitchen isn't the safest of places.


Thank you for the video! 👍
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
The riddle isn't the easiest thing to solve, but it gets clearer once you go back to the 6th chapter and start looking around you... 😉