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Small Bug Report: If you have an air-leak in any module and remove the module without fixing it, the sound goes away, but not the air. After a while of playing I had a smoke wall near my base. I mainly put some air filters there, cuz the smoke fit the fans below visually.

Hey! Thanks for the bug report.

Are you saying if a module is leaking air, and you right click to pick it up - the airleak sound fx stops, but the visual air leak particles/fx persists? I couldn't get it that to happen in the latest version v0.33.1, is that the version you're playing? (Although I was cheating to trigger the airleak disaster, so it's totally possible it could still happen in that version somehow).

Hey :D
Yeah it's the same version, however upon reloading it seems to have disappeared.
I'm not sure if it's just a glitch that happens from time to time or something, but it stayed there until I reloaded.
The process was: I had a module that leaked air unattached (forgot this part) from the rest of my base and instead of fixing the air i right clicked the module to remove it, which it did, but the animation of air flowing was there still, no sound though.