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Hello Raithza,

I would like to bring notice to a bug that has affected multiple people who have downloaded the updated demo version. Most of the people I have shared this game with have said that upon starting the game, they encounter a grey screen, and only hear for about a split second, what sounds like an elevator rumbling. It then mutes, and the game freezes. It is creating crashlogs, so I would be happy to email them to you once you get back to me.

Thanks, BombCritical

I think it happens to literally everyone I think

It seemed like it, but some of the people I have sent the game to have been playing since the post was updated, I have been trying to figure out why it works for them in my free time. Hopefully the creator can get back to us on this. There aren't that many great games on the vive


Geez, thanks for being the first to report this after 3 weeks!! I'll have a look when I'm back home next week.

Thank you, I had forgotten to sign up for the mailing group, so i had been playing the old version for weeks, the people I had referred the game to had to remind me to install the new updated version. It sadly doesn't work for me, but im sure its just a simple glitch, since it works for some of my friends, and for some it doesn't. Ill be looking forward to it being fixed. Thanks again!

When should the bug be fixed?

not me I'm playing it fine:)

Yes, it runs about a 75/25 for playability, with only some not being able to play, some simple fixes like restarting the headset, updating cameras, and restarting computer can help with the issue, but for some it just does not launch.