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Genuine fun game dont know why no one gives it attention 

I have done a full scan on both Gorn Data and Gorn Itself and they are both fine. What I have came to find is that most popular games don't have viruse on them.

Although that is a good idea I still don't think he will add it as he has said (I think)

I would also like a broken WIP

No its just I thought why the store would be there in the first place if you weren't gonna use it yet

The spawning in the elevator for about half a second and then teleporting into the arena

Are you going to fix this if you aren't you already?

Do you start in the weapon store now? Because I downloaded the new version and its still the same

Probably not.

What would happen if you got knocked out (Not killed) You cant look around because that would make no sense if your character was meant to be knocked out, and you cant just see a black screen because a lot of people will think its crashed and probably tell the dev it crashed, And dont get me started on how the physics would work when they were hit hard enough.

I'm no dev but psvr probably wont be on this game.

When should the bug be fixed?

Although 1v1 Multiplayer would be cool I would be incredibly surprised if they added it. Its kind of just confusing to even begin to imagine how it would work if it were pvp although co op could work. I THINK with a capital THINK they said they were not going to add multiplayer.

I think it happens to literally everyone I think

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This is just a suggestion but I think I speak for everyone when I say I would like the ability to control a enemy on the computer ( I mean the same computer the VR user is using not over the internet ) And you could swing up with Right Click And Swing Sideways With Left Click and move with WASD or Arrow Keys, Also the non VR user could have a little shop too so they could also buy weapons. Ps. The reason I want this is so my brother can join me. and so other gorn players can share the fun

The only reason I wanted the update was for the shop the one thing the public demo and the closed beta didn't have in common


when I start the game I have half a second in the elevator and then back to the arena