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Thank you for that detailed feedback! I am happy to see that you appreciating the small details (especially that you noticed the spongebob reference :D)

I totally understand your critics on the gameplay however the spawns are actually random distributed within a rectangle. But still, some obstacles, a different shape map shape or a "smarter" random distribution of the spawns may be useful.

About the controls: I just played my own game again yesterday and came to exact the same conclusion!

So thanks again for your critics. It is very important for me to collect impressions of others to grow

You are welcome and I'm glad you appreciated the feedback. As you said we as developers don't know unless we are told what issues are present to both learn and improve. 

Speaking of it would mean a ton if you would play and review my jam game. It's called Interstellar Balance and is a downloadable unity game for Windows pc. 


Of course I will test your game. I planned to play, review and vote every single game. But I take my time for that to give detailed feedback, so just be patiently. My review will come ;)