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So, is this coming back anytime? Or will I now just have a dead, empty page forever stuck in my library?

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This should be downloadable for everyone who claimed a key (and you just can't buy it if you don't already own it, because you didn't get the relief bundle it was in). Is that not what you're seeing?

That is to say: I haven't changed anything about this since before the bundle started. It wasn't timed. It's just set to "you can't get this unless you got a key", and the keys were distributed via the bundle. So if you were able to access it before, but can't now, I'm kind of curious how? This page doesn't know anything about the bundle or the time limit it had or any of that.

I bought it via a relief bundle a week ago and decided to check it out yesterday, but when I've opened the page, the download section only says "This game is currently unavailable."

Since you've mentioned it falling apart in the description, I figured that you deleted it.

Try it now. I think the settings that the GDC bundle people had me use were preventing downloads - I've thrown it into a more normal donationware mode. That work?

Yup, I got it! Thanks :)