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So that the sequel could have more than bare bones?

I've tried doing it just now, it still behaves the same way.

It doesn't work. Whether I try running the game through the launcher or launch it directly from the game's folder, it just crashes immediately. All I see is the program flicker for a literal second on the taskbar.

Sweet! I'm looking forward to seeing it more polished.

I've left the shop without buying anything and got arrested anyway :(

Yup, I got it! Thanks :)

I bought it via a relief bundle a week ago and decided to check it out yesterday, but when I've opened the page, the download section only says "This game is currently unavailable."

Since you've mentioned it falling apart in the description, I figured that you deleted it.

So, is this coming back anytime? Or will I now just have a dead, empty page forever stuck in my library?

Will you be able to save your progress in V2 release?