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There's no porn. 

If you were here to play the game because it seems like there is porn in it, there is none, so don't waste your time. False advertising to make you download the game, as is scumbag tradition.

Otherwise the game is simple. Walk around & cow zombies into neat rows so you can shoot them before they reach their target. This wouldn't be bad but the game does nothing to keep you from clicking out of the window (there's no full screen option; just 2 resizes) in this game where you will be waving your cursor around and clicking incessantly. There's nothing else to the gameplay.

When you win, there's one final suggestion of porn, but it just takes you to a blank white screen. Apparently there may be a secret "real" scene but I'll be honest, the art isn't good enough to even consider trying to get that.

2/10, at least it didn't hold my hard drive at ransom for bitcoin.


There is an actual porn. The white screen seems to happen for pcs that aren't good enough to run the video, or older version of windows. At the moment I don't think we can do anything about it. 

If you need an actual evidence then here's someone posting about it:

There is a fullscreen option. It works for most people. Again, seems to be a problem with your pc.

This is an April fools game that was rushed. We never advertised it to have some cool perfect gameplay. If you couldn't tell just from the title itself. And yes, I will be putting April Fools in the game title soon.

Unfortunate that you didn't get to experience it like we wanted, but doesn't excuse you from trying to insult my art.
Also I'd be posting the real sex animation sometime soon, but you're not interested anyway since my art isn't good enough.


onii-san is gud art test  don't feel bad. i believe in you