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Im not mad, i liked the game, but i was disapointed it didnt run on my computer, it being a low poly game it has no reason not to run, i can run overwatch on low settings on my pc and still get 60fps, when i lower the settings on this game i still barely ever get 20. There is no reason to "defend" the dev, the game's optimization is far far below awful, i know what im talking about(im in college getting my barachel in game development), im not just "some dude on the internet" trashtalking a game, i gave my legitimate criticism.

The game needs to be optimized! there is no denying that.

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Still "Mr. Smartass", if your computer can't run this on the lowest settings, maybe it's your potato of a computer. You can do game development, but you sure as hell can't think for yourself.


Seriously, my (not even a gaming focused) LAPTOP can run this at 60fps on max settings. So maybe it's time to upgrade.


And even so, you might be able to run Overwatch fine because you had enough space to run it. Either delete some things to clear up memory, or UPGRADE!!!

@Redbaron14n Please try to keep the discussions civil and minimize the personal attacks. This is a gathering place for people who all love this game and want the best for it. Dasius appreciates critiques, especially ones that are well thought out and can help make this game even better and enjoyable by as many players as possible. Thanks, and Happy Smithing!

First off, not a personal attack. And second, I wasn't sure if you actually knew that it's not all the game. You'd be surprised how many people don't know that's a thing.

@atyourmercy Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills. We all have different strengths that we can lend to Dasius to help him make this game its best. I personally have no experience with optimizing code, so it's great that there are players like you that can help guide Dasius to consider solutions he may not have considered. Thanks and Happy Smithing!