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The angled jump mechanics are very weird to play with, and don't work very well for precise jumps, making it somewhat difficult to progress. (And I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get up to the second checkpoint, or figure out how to make any progress in the room with the red enemies..)

Mechanics aside, I think that the game would benefit from having more visually interesting environments. (Although that's more of a finishing touch.) 

So far it's a very promising game, it just needs a bit of work. The character animations are very cute as well! I'll be sure to follow for updates. ^^

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Thanks for playing! Since this was a jam game I hadn't a lot of time to make tile variations and decorations, so I agree it looks bland at the moment. I do plan to update it, both with some polishing and new content.

There are multiple ways to get up from the second checkpoint: The easy way would be through buying a blue soul from the merchant. You can also exit through the room to the left (with the bats). This room was supposed to be done with a certain upgrade, but it can also be done with a single pink soul and some very tricky platforming.