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I was really impressed with the pathfinding in the mouse maze section! The art is really nice too, it reminds me of Fran Bow ^^

Great game so far! I find it genuinely fun to play, despite how simple it is. My biggest suggestions would be to show item stats in the store, and to edit the character icon depending on which armor the protagonist has equipped. (After all, why have a selection of sexy armor if we never get to see her wear it?) 

Not really sure what I'm meant to do. When I start the game I just get a looping animation of a creepy girl, and nothing else happens. Tried spamming every button, and nothing does anything. 

Hi! I love your game so far, but do you plan on releasing a walkthrough/ending guide at some point? There are so many small details in this game, I worry that I might miss something without one!

I did before I made the post?? I’m not that stupid. 

I was playing week four (normal difficulty, if that matters) and when I got to MILF, the vocals were muted and the only audio was the background music. The camera glitched too when I lost, it made it so that boyfriend was barely on screen. (Although I don't know if the two glitches are related.) 

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I didn't realize that I had a double jump until the last level. Might've been a good idea to include that in the list of controls. 

No, I don't get any fullscreen option. Bottom right corner is where it is in most games, so that's the first place I checked! It's possible that the bottom isn't fitted properly either, preventing me from seeing it. I hope you're able to fix it though!

A lot of the time the chat messages aren't loading and appear as white blocks. Which, uh.. kinda make the game impossible to play.

I think the game is a bit too difficult, but it's a good concept. 
(You could improve it by adding a short tutorial on how to interact with each type of pop up, similarly to the hack tutorial in Welcome To The Game.)

It's a fun game, but I wasn't able to see the top half of the text.. It'd be nice if there was an option for fullscreen mode so that it's properly fitted to the screen. (At least, that's the solution I've seen implemented in other games on itchio.)

It's a cute game, I really liked it. You did well at making the platforming challenging, but not rage inducing. My only complaint is the annoying audio glitch that occurs when it's loading a room.

As another user said, it's too difficult to jump over the ground enemies and lighting the bats on fire is near impossible. I can't even get to the first flag. (And yes, I was paying attention to the lies.)

That'd be a good solution if it didn't crash while I attempt to do that.. ^^" 
Thank you for the suggestion though! 

The game looks amazing, but it's very laggy on my computer and it keeps crashing within 5 minutes of opening the game..

At the beginning of the game there's a bar that allows you to adjust the brightness level. I can't figure out how to dismiss it, so it just sticks around as I play. 

Can't figure out how to exit the brightness adjustment thing.

How much will the full version of the game cost? 

Please write the controls in the game description.

I can't figure out how to progress at all past the first page. It looks as though I'm supposed to scroll down, but I'm not able to-
Maybe I'm just stupid, but I could use some help-

The angled jump mechanics are very weird to play with, and don't work very well for precise jumps, making it somewhat difficult to progress. (And I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get up to the second checkpoint, or figure out how to make any progress in the room with the red enemies..)

Mechanics aside, I think that the game would benefit from having more visually interesting environments. (Although that's more of a finishing touch.) 

So far it's a very promising game, it just needs a bit of work. The character animations are very cute as well! I'll be sure to follow for updates. ^^

Yes, I figured it out. Thank you for your reply. 
I was confused because "homework" would normally mean schoolwork, not daily tasks. 

I.. can't figure out how to do the homework. I can't interact with anything other than the brother, the front door, the window, and the tv. And I can't go upstairs because he has to do his homework. I've run around spam clicking at everything for 15 minutes.
So I'm unable to progress. 

I really love the game so far! The new update was pretty cool. I liked the new end sequence, and I had a blast playing it!

A few suggestions: The areas should have some more visuals and puzzles. The music tile puzzle was fun, but it would be nice to have more than just the one. And visuals is self explanatory. (I did notice that you added some visuals in the update! It's a good start, but you couldn't go wrong with a bit more.) 

In the bar fight, I preferred the special attack's name in the first version. (Waterfall of red death, as oppose to Marathon of red death technique. I don't remember the name exactly, so forgive me if I'm mistaken.) 

Another thing in the bar, when you talk to white mask (gaster) The music stops entirely - I think it might be better to have it stop and then resume after a few seconds. 

 And finally, when you confront gold pig, I noticed a small typo when he says that it's best to get rid of you. 

I really look forward to seeing the game completed! It's very promising so far, and I've had a fantastic time with it. 

I didn't really get it, but it was interesting nonetheless,and very unsettling. I liked it! 

It's fine in concept, but the lack of a good checkpoint system makes it a chore to play. The player should respawn at the start of the room where they died, not the start of the game. Yeah, the checkpoint portals make it better but still not good. Having to go through previous levels every time you die is a waste of time. 

Looks like a good game so far, but the pizza store is broken. Entering it just freezes my game on a forest image, and forces me to restart. 

I didn't see any cups in the crafting menu..

I just started playing the game yesterday, and I can't figure out how to use the water purifier. The game won't let me interact with it in any way, so I keep dying of dehydration within the first 10 minutes. If someone could help me out with this, I would appreciate it very much.

Whoops, I completely forgot about that.

Thank you!

I couldn't get the key to work in the room with the dead cat, after meeting white fox.

Interesting game, very disturbing. I wish it was longer, maybe more developed.

I tried downloading Visual C++ at the link provided, but it didn't help at all.

The missing files are VCRUNTIME140.dll and MSVCP140.dll

(1 edit)

What should I do if it says that there's two missing dll files?

I'd really like to play this game, so I would appreciate some help if you're not too busy.