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Hey there! So i think this game could definitely be super super fun once it's patched up, and greatly hope it's continually worked on!

My biggest gripe so far is that, every time i load up my game, anything i had previously crafted was broken, BECAUSE, when i load up the game, anything that was made on the anvil and cooled in the water, was magically heated again. It would be on the shelf where i placed it, but it would be heated, and I have to cool everything again and reattach it all. This happens to items not attached to weapons as well.

Every time i load up the game, it's pitch black and i have to reset the graphics. This isn't a HUGE deal for me, as i don't mind taking the 3 seconds to fix it all, but it should be fixed.

Also, the controls for rotating things in your hand do not work. They just, do nothing. I can't rotate items other than bashing them around.

I seriously hope these things get fixed because i think i could really put a lot of hours into this game! Fantastic idea and would love to see it turn into something amazing!

Hi alchemistjikan! As to the heated parts, the fix is coming in the next patch. With the dark/blurry problem, the best solution right now is what you're already doing: going into Graphics and pressing Reset, then adjusting Gamma and Resolution. As far as having problems rotating items, please try this procedure:

  1. Grab and hold the item with the Right Mouse Button (RMB)
  2. Continue holding the RMB and Press Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) and move the mouse around to rotate the item.
  3. While still holding Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) release the RMB - The item should remain in your grasp in the orientation you rotated it to
  4. Making sure the item is highlighted in your view, press and hold the RMB again, then release Alt (or Alt+Ctrl)
  5. The item should now be in your grasp in the new orientation!

Happy Smithing!

Good to hear your working on solutions! One more quick question! Is the game programmed so that customers will only buy products you make while they're in your shop? Or can you have some stock prepared and sell that to them? I ask because my first customer asked for a one-handed hammer. I had one ready so i tried to give it to them, but they wouldn't take it. I dunno if maybe i didn't do it right? Or if you can't sell pre-made things.

The customers will only notice weapons that go from outside their detection radius to inside their detection radius once their in the shop. You have to take the weapon you want to give them outside their detection radius and give it back to them for them to notice it.

Ah, so if I say, stored them in my bedroom, it would work? Also, is this an intentional thing? Or something that will be patched?