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I am known for not resting until I discover all collectibles. As soon as I saw the collectible screen at the end of the demo, I was determined to find all shells on all cost! 

All of the other playing of games have thought me to always look for things. The first thing I did when landing was to go left instead right, in search for collectibles, because in most side-scrolling games the world expands in both directions. Eventually I turned right and this was the first sign to show me that there are going to be hidden stuff in the game.

Thank you for creating such a great and fun game! I can't wait to get to play the entire game, and also see how the story is gonna go! 

Absolutely! We gamers are treasure hunters by nature and this game hope to reflect that aspect by design - as long as its reasonable and creates a somewhat 'eureka' moment for the player. 

So we're extremely glad that you did have fun! And we deeply appreciate the kind words! Thank you so much!