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Amazing! I can't wait to experience the new demo! It all sounds amazing and I'm sure it'll be!

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That's great to hear. I personally think and always thought that way that a game should really have measured proportions in terms of collectibles and play time. So To me 4-5 hours is a pretty good experience. I think above 8 would feel too demanding for players. 

Successful indie games like Journey and Abzu, Vane and others also manage to balance these aspects pretty well, and they usually don't take longer than 5-6 hours. So that's great to hear.

That makes me curious about how many levels the game will be consisted of. I know that on the front page there's 5 concept arts shown from the different levels, does that mean that the levels would be 5? On average how long do you expect the game to take for completion, without secrets and easter eggs?

Wow! I am blown away only reading about it! Amazing as always!

Great stuff!

Amazing! I can't wait truly for the game! Every next dev diary reminds me why I can't wait for the game! :D 


It would be very interesting to see what kind of other easter eggs the game is gonna offer. Amazing!

For some reason, without knowing where to search for it I was drawn to one certain location, like I knew where it should be, and it turned out my instinct were correct. 

When I got there I would say "Hmm...what would happen if I wait here". And I found it! :D 

It's very exciting to learn all of that new information! The game is going to be amazing. 

I've discovered the other Easter Egg, but I am not sure if it's a good idea to publicly talk about it, or leave others to discover it! Great job! :D 


I am known for not resting until I discover all collectibles. As soon as I saw the collectible screen at the end of the demo, I was determined to find all shells on all cost! 

All of the other playing of games have thought me to always look for things. The first thing I did when landing was to go left instead right, in search for collectibles, because in most side-scrolling games the world expands in both directions. Eventually I turned right and this was the first sign to show me that there are going to be hidden stuff in the game.

Thank you for creating such a great and fun game! I can't wait to get to play the entire game, and also see how the story is gonna go! 

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Give in and let the ocean current in Samudra take you on a semi-realistic journey with fantasy twists.


"Pollution soaked in so deep into the post-apocalyptic world of Samudra that you're not capable of seeing the difference between jellyfish and plastic bags floating into the water from afar"

SAMUDRA Full Article Review

Great prototype and even greater final game!

One of my favorite Indie games! I so much wish it could be longer!

I fell in love with the game and I'd love to see the entire game make it somehow into the homes of gamers around the world! All of the artworks and concepts done on the game, all the characters, it's just beyond amazing!