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I know you're a solo indie developer, but I believe you need to:

Add more guns

Add more attachments; improve gun customization

Add character customization

Add more non-prototype maps

Overall the game is good, it just needs some time to improve.


When game is in development, then "more" simply slows down development. Every time you change something in weapon mechanics, you will have to fix/adjust every singe weapon. Every time you will make some change in movement, you may have to make adjustments on most maps. On prototype maps it can be done much easier.

Adding weapons/attachments at this moment is simply waste of time, since i plan to change model of arms and hire someone who will make good animations for weapons. There is no difference in gameplay between prototype and non-prototype maps. Prototype maps are easier/much faster to make and performance on these maps is much better. Many players play this game on "calculators" and i am not joking here.

And if you are not familiar with level design, then prototyping is part of map design. You don't create detailed maps from very beginning. At first you create map blockout and you test gameplay.


I am not a game designer, and I know that you have more experience, however, if you want this game's community to grow like it should you need to listen to people. Let's say someone were to come from a game like Call of Duty, and they decide to play this. In the Call of Duty games, the maps are beautiful, filled with beautiful architecture and balance. While your prototype maps compensate for their simpleness (for now), in the future more non-prototype maps would be necessary to populate the servers (as in prototype maps don't look as good as the Arena 1 [Construction Site]  map and without increasing the visual quality of maps may reduce people's interest). Also, while attachments aren't always that necessary, the addition of an advanced attachment system is used in a large variety of FPS games (including free ones) that greatly surpass the quality of your game. Character customisation allows for people to funnily represent themselves. I also know that in mapping you start of with a prototype, but I haven't seen any of the prototype maps changed to be non-prototype (probably because I've started losing interest and I've been playing other games).


You say "listen to people". I am listening and i take notes. Many features are in game only because of suggestions.
But every single player has own opinion about games and what makes you think that some random guys opinion is more valuable then mine?

I can't do multiple things at the same time. I am working alone and i have to set priorities. Detailed maps are not priority. More weapons/attachments are not priority.
One day will be, but not now.


I've read some of the replies to ideas that could've been really good and you've simply rejected those ideas.


Also, I've noticed in the training mode that there are weapon spawns, jump pads and portals. Maybe you could add them to some more maps.


The game, Bullet Force, developed by only 3 developers, attracted an audience by its standard of quality. If you higher the already pristine standard of quality, and update some... annoying things.


Between 3 and 1 is HUGE difference. One can do only animations/weapons, second maps/UI and third coding.

"I've read some of the replies" which replies? what was my answer? If i am not saying "NO", then maybe this feature is already planed and it's simply not priority at this moment.

You don't play this game long enough to even know that portals and jump-pads already were in game. I am just using them for special events.

If you want to suggest something, then go to forum. And if possible then read Ideas and suggestions (in both forums). Most of ideas/suggestions you can come up are already there and i answered on most of them.


Guys he knows what he's doing. I've made FPS games before, and adding more features while you're just prototyping and polishing just adds more work for you to do in the long run.


can someone tell this other guy to shut up onemanarmy is working really hard for us, why cant you thank him for what hes done a development for a game takes a massive amount of time and theres only 1 of him