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Hi everyone,

It seems like there was problem with the Steam keys where some accounts got flagged up and didn't get their Steam keys. This should have been resolved now and everyone should have their Steam key!

Do send us a message if it's not showing up on your purchase page though and we'll get it sorted.

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Hi, is it too late to redeem a steam key? I own the game, and I joined my steam account and pressed the button to request a steam key, it sent me an email, the email talks about verifying and has a hyperlink, but that hyperlink just goes to a 404 page.

Can you help me out? TY

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  There is no time limit on redeeming a key.

If you go onto the download page for Loot Rascals, can you see a Steam key? You can get to the download page for Loot Rascals by going to this page ( when logged into your account and clicking Download at the top of the page. You should see a Steam key at the top of the page just under the Itch download.

If not there might be a problem on Itch's side and I'll get in contact with them for you to get this sorted!


Oh sweet it worked :) 

I think it was my email or something, the link kept getting 404'd, but it worked that time.