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Bug: If you change Controls->Options menu toggle to any button and then change back to Escape, it gonna N/A and you can't return to Menu/Scan mode anymore by any button (restart only).

Autocutting of ropes on the board make some mad things almost impossible. What if ropes autocut only to Lander? Or make this optionable in Refinery Ship control screen somewhere (where you can move Refship on the orbit too). http://img.ctrlv.in/img/17/03/07/58bf414cbdbc8.png

Too bad, that ramming into wisp swarm crush ship in one strike, even with titanium armor. But after this I force them work out this dept. http://img.ctrlv.in/img/17/03/08/58bf549364e2e.png

At the very end I stuck under last smashed thing here: http://img.ctrlv.in/img/17/03/08/58bf78a2f2131.png
Thanks to rope, it grave me out (in): http://img.ctrlv.in/img/17/03/08/58bf794077c4c.png
But part of precious advanced materials was stuck inside: http://img.ctrlv.in/img/17/03/08/58bf79957d97b.png
Sadly, Rocket pistol doesn't make any real blast wave for pushing things out (and any damage to dropships). Ah, I must move some spiders to die here... But no one alive.

I like that you are testing out crazy ideas and finding new bugs while doing it. I'll look at fixing them today. Expect another update before the weekend.

Update 7 is now available and the bugs you found have been fixed. You'll be pleased to know that it's now possible to grapple replicons and other objects into and inside the refinery. This proved to take far more effort than expected. Bugs were cropping up everywhere once grapples were still allowed to be connected to objects being refined. It was worth the effort though and allows for lots of interesting new gameplay possibilities both now and in the future.

Let me know if you run into any problems. Everything should be fine though.