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This game was so much different than what I had envisioned, but in a good way. There were no click-bait flashy thumbnail pictures -- I just decided to play it and I am so happy I did. This game quests you with finding your way out of a dark and spooky dungeon and avoiding the resident demon. To escape you only have to find the key and the exit without running into the demon. The monster in this game is truly terrifying and is faster than Sanic on speed. Only cons are not being able to use WASD to move and just having the one level to play. If the developer decides to expand the game and add levels this game will be the next big thing!!

Hello Awesomnessticity. Thank you for playing my game, I'm glad you liked it. I left you a comment in the video on youtube. Your toughts about the game are really useful to me. If you can put a link to the game in the description of your video, I will really appreciate it. Stay Awesome!