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This game had it all going for it -- scares galore, some tongue in cheek humor, lots of creepy atmosphere and a stellar soundtrack!! Had a real good time playing it and I cannot wait for it to be continued! 

Loved the puzzle solving in this game, I really felt accomplished when I solved one. Sadly right after I solved a puzzle I was eaten by a cannibalistic inmate. Really solid jumpscares in this game, they really got me. 

Do you enjoy debilitating atmosphere, gut wrenching jumpscares and OP monsters who make Jason Vorhees and Micheal Myers look like chumps? If so then this game is for you... 

Solid game with some amazing tension building music, faithfulness to source material and actual fun gameplay.  A great entry into the Spongebob horror universe and a spiritual succesor to DaveMicrowave's 3 AM at the Krusy Krab. Definitely worth a playthrough or a t least a video view.

Trippy, Psychedelic and Transcendent!! The music and the visuals really shine in this experimental masterpiece. 

Another amazing game from one hell of a developer!! This game definitely did NOT dissapoint. This game has it all -- scares, laughs and surprises that will keep you gripped to your screen to the bitter conclusion. I got jumpscared so hard when I met Boots, oh boy I thought I was having a heart attack. Play this game everyone...please!! 

It's really simple people, either you pay the electric company or they send their own hit man after you!! Take my advice or embrace the afterlife.  Enjoyed this zany, totally unexpected bill paying horror game. Had some difficulty outsmarting "The Electrician" but I got the best of him in the end. Look forward to your future releases.

Hands down this is the best Evil Dead game to date! Really captured the looks of the movies and the humor excellently. Ash was the OP badass he should have been and the struggle was real in trying to overcome him. This game is ultra GROOVY and it is my personal favorite of the many games I have tried in this Jam! 5/5 

AWESOME submisson for the Movie Game Jam!! Really captured the scene and music spot on in glorious 8-bit style. I felt badass while playing it, just like Uma Thurman in the movie. I would honestly love to see this expanded on including more fights from the movies. Simple to pick up and play and most importantly fun. 5/5  

AWESOME submisson for the Movie Game Jam!! Really captured the scene and music spot on in glorious 8-bit style. I felt badass while playing it, just like Uma Thurman in the movie. I would honestly love to see this expanded on including more fights from the movies. Simple to pick up and play and most importantly fun. 5/5  


As an avid Evil Dead fan this was absolutely a must play game for me. If you haven't seen The Evil Dead -- DO IT!! You play as Ash's possessed hand and your goal is to choke that beatch into submission. Had a lot of fun with this campy and over the top little game. Fantastic...

Hello Will? More like better sign your will because your days are numbered!! This text based game gave me some serious goose bump worthy moments. Definitely worthy of a playthrough. 

In SCP - 106 the goal is simple -- escape! The difficulty lies in the fact that Experiment 106 can phase through walls and it's sole purpose is murdering your face. Can I survive with this cheater face chasing me, let's find out...

Don't run out of gas on a rundown, decrepit highway or the Hill Billy Highway will get you. I loved the monster design and animation in this game, it is like a B-movie monster. This game was surprisingly good even though at first glance I had reservations. Solid game and I actually managed to find the secret ending, YAY me!

Tunky was fast paced, satisfying blend of challenge and simplicity and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Another fantastic game from the ever amazing Dave Microwaves. Play this game & watch this video to be AWESOME!!

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"I can be your hero (sub) baby! I can take your breath away!!" This game is terrifying and satisfying at the same time. Hopefully I never ever find myself in this situation, trapped under the sea in a sub and running out of oxygen is bad enough but add in a spoopy monster... 

The Propets are nightmare fuel and they move faster than Sonic the Hedgehog on speed!! Good foundation for what could be a really fantastic indie horror gem.  Check this out... 

Who is rudely waking me up every night? Is it just an overeager booty call? Doubtful... 

The ending to this game is so powerful and unexpected! MUST SEE!! The whole game is well done, the puzzles make you think but are far from impossible. The segments where you are hiding and you can see the intruder searching for you are terrifying. Play this game -- if you don't believe me watch my video and see the truth for yourelf. 

I will be tackling Tunky next. can't wait...keep up the great work!!

I had low expectations going in as this is a Spongebob game but was I ever blown away by how good this game really is. Gonna have to check out some of the other games from this gifted developer.

Nothing is more terrifying than being on hold...or is it? This game definitely makes you think about the whole process in a new light(or darkness)

Damn, guess I will have to do a quick run through and see what the message says if I don't shoot them hanging dudes!! HYPE!

What an AWESOME concept for the game! Left me wanting MORE, MORE, MORE!! Can't wait to play the finished product. Consider me captivated, enthralled and intrigued.

Thanks for making this phenomenal game...I love games of this unusual sort! I rated your game, gave it 5 stars but wish there were 10 so I could give it an 11/10!

If you had even an inkling of interest in Moirai then this game is for you!! If you have no idea what Moirai is then this is the game for you!! If you have never played a video game in your life then this is the game for you!! Basically what I am saying is play this game... What are you wating for, get playing!! 

Strange happenings in A Strange House. This was a fun and campy little game and I absolutely adored the jumpscares! Had a strange glitch at the end with some strange audio file playing that creeped me out as I am not sure if it was intentional or a freak occurance. 

This game is quite good but not as great as Urbex!! This game came first so that is to be expected . This game is tense, atmospheric and clausterphobic . Who in their right mind would want to be a security guard at a mannequin storage facility? Certainly not me...

It was impressive that you created such a creepy and atmospheric horror game with such limited time. Looking forward to your future games :)

Gave your game a go and it was filled with white knuckle tension and relentless unease and I loved every second of it!! Not sure if there is an actual ending or not to the game but I think I beat it... 

The eerie atmosphere, relentless tension and spoopy ambience gel together to make a most enjoyable indie horror experience. Lots of AWESOME stuff for a 9 minute playthrough. Next I will be tackling Midnight Shift...can't wait!! 

This game was  very refreshing to different and unique from the norm. If you like  The Twilight Zone, even marginally, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Really hope the developer keeps making more episodes because I would love to keep coming back to this over and over...   

his has to be in the top 3 indie horror games I have played...I can't even explain what was so frightening about the game. It hit me on a subconscious level and that is superb. This is a must play game for any fan of indie horror. I am blown away by just how amazing it was...need moar NOW!!

I am about 2 years too late to be playing this game!! This horror game stands the test of time really rattled me and creeped me out right from the explosive opening.

This was genuinely horrifying and I loved every sweaty, tense and chilling moment of it!!

LOL...the dude who played the game before me used the same thumbnail !!! too late to change mine now.

This game was confusing, befuddling and awe inspiring from the very beginning to the abrupt unexpected ending! If that was the game's purpose it passed with flying colors. I cannot describe the game to you -- you really just need to see it to understand!

I think I need a hug now ;)

You are the sole survivor, all other humans have been assimilated...including your dear old mum! It isn't too late though...maybe you can save her, you may be humanity's last hope!

This game was fantastic, from the cool and unusual visual style and the fluent, responsive controls to the cute story and witty dialogue.

you are so was totally deserving of a let's play!! keep up the amazing work, you have the potential! was relieved that I actually managed to see all the sights and do all the things in your quirky and admirable game. stay AWESOME always!!