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To understand your present self you must first examine your past self! Also time is your main enemy -- it is history's biggest killer. Time murders one and all...

This game deals with time travel in a new and interesting way. It also features 2 endings and I assume that I got the bad one(of course I am a n00b). Fun experience overall but one that leaves you feeling confused but still eager for more.

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If you don't know what "long pork" is...you gotta watch this!!

If you do know...you gotta watch this!!

Epic beginning to what will be a really terrific indie horror RPG!!!
Cannot wait for more, more, MORE!!

This is my intital playthrough video and doesn't showcase the new and improved gameplay. Apperantly I missed out on a lot of gameplay due to some unforseen glitches, which the amazing and hard working develper has since kindly fixed! I will do a fresh playthrough as soon as I can find the time.

Don't let the people with the negaitve comments get you down -- this is going to be a gem of a game once you complete it. Haters gonna hate...just don't let them influence you and please finish this!!


you are so welcome...it was totally deserving of a let's play!! keep up the amazing work, you have the potential! was relieved that I actually managed to see all the sights and do all the things in your quirky and admirable game. stay AWESOME always!!

You are Jacob! Jacob is a scumbag! Jacob is a murderous, raping thieving douche who is in Hell for his sins! You deserve whatever is in store for you...do your worst Satan!




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Short but sweet retro indie horror romp! You are being chased by the bloodthirsty vampire and have to beat him to his casket or die horribly!

You can play this game in pixelated retro vision or choose to make it look more modern -- it is great either way though!

Dysthymia means crippling depression -- I know because I googled it! This is a horror Pac-Man game -- 2 of my favorite things combined!!

The gameplay is solid and terrifying and I was unable to stop playing until I beat the game. This game is so good -- cannot wait for more from this small development team!

Monster Island: TMDS was made for the Bad Box Art Jam by the always amazing Eyeless_Artist. I played her previous game Let's Chat a month or so ago and it was breathtakingly different than most games I have played -- check it out!!

This game is just as hilarious as the awkward name suggests! The characters in the game are awesome, fun and interesting. Ended up dating the kick ass lot lizard but I think that if I made some different choices along the way I could have ended up with the buxom succubus.

You move into your new apartment only to find you have an unwanted houseguest -- specifically a ghost. This ghost is not scary, merely a bit of a nuisance and is a pretty good dude once you get to know him.

This games unique sense of humor really made it super enjoyable -- would pick up all my books again!!

Short non dialogue, non story based game where you play as a phantasmal spirit that randomly interacts with objects to progress the game. The game follows a grandmother as she explores the building she works in and uncovers secrets. The controls in this game were the most frustrating part of an overall AWESOME experience!

The well lit environment(no flashlight needed!!), the combat system(actually got to fight back in a horror game!!) and the implementation of clever, yet simple puzzles all made this game truly stand out! Fantastic indie horror -- looking forward to more of this in the future!!

You are a Paramedium, the last line of defense between humanity and the dark spirits intent on mischief.This game features a strong and engaging narrative that goes from sassy to serious to funny and back. The core gameplay is very simple but very effective. My only complaint with the game is that it ended...and I wanted MORE!!

Basement Horror is about a child who discovers monsters are real...The End. The irony of this story though is that this monster may look evil but is in fact the most polite and well behaved one ever. He has no problem having a pleasant discourse with you about why he dislikes the light even...The game was amazing to look at, the player movements were astoundingly realistic and life-like.

had so much fun with your game thank you so much for sharing it with the world!! had that rare sense of wonder from a twist ending...something that is sadly missing from most games. stay AWESOME and keep making the super AWESOME games!!

did M Nigh Shylaman(butchered that name I bet) direct this? bet you won't see the shocking ending coming! this game is not what you expect it to be...check it out!!

thanks for making this simple and addictively AWESOME game!! had a real blast with it! keep up the spectacular work and stay AWESOME always!!

Strange little game about the happenings surrounding a bus station on a hot day! Just what happens...well you will have to watch the video to find out. Don't talk to or make eye contact with strangers...or ELSE!

Welcome To Hanwell is an open world horror game coming out later this year. The small portion I played was absolutely amazing!! The pacing, jumpscares and atmosphere is tense, uncomfortable and just what the doctor ordered for indie horror. Had a lot of fun with this and cannot wait to see the finished product soon.

You are Walter Malone(PUN) and you are on a quest to get your favorite midnight snack, watermelon slices of course, when you are beset upon my demonic ninja watermelons. Need I say more...

This game is the circle of life gone wrong...it is simply eat or be eaten! Every animal you consume becomes a part of you, altering and enriching your genetic code. SImple little game that is wicked fun to pick up and play but be warned -- once you start playing you won't want to stop!!

When even the moon has forsaken you where do you turn?!?

no problem in the least! had a real blast with your game and hope to play some more of it! for a first game I am higly impressed! stay AWESOME always!!

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This game was so much different than what I had envisioned, but in a good way. There were no click-bait flashy thumbnail pictures -- I just decided to play it and I am so happy I did. This game quests you with finding your way out of a dark and spooky dungeon and avoiding the resident demon. To escape you only have to find the key and the exit without running into the demon. The monster in this game is truly terrifying and is faster than Sanic on speed. Only cons are not being able to use WASD to move and just having the one level to play. If the developer decides to expand the game and add levels this game will be the next big thing!!

dunno what to say about this game...what exactly does a cracker fear? cheese? peanut butter? pepperoni? find out here...

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This game was adorable, thought provoking and most of all FUN!! Really enjoyed the experience, beginning to end. There are 6 possible endings to the game and I only got the high speed chase ending. If you guys want me to I would be more than happy trying to get them all. For a first game this is a home run!! MUST PLAY!!!

think I am schizo after playing this game. no, no I'm not...at least that is what the voices are telling me! this game had a neat concept and captures the symptoms of the disease excuisitely. the audio in the game is some of the spookiest I have ever heard in an indie horror. overall a very positive experience that I am glad to have had. play this game...

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AWESOME!!! keep implimenting these innovative and intriguing ideas and the sky is the limit for you...keep pushing that envelope and stay AWESOME always!

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This game was a blast... it didn't tell a narrative so you got to just have fun with all the quirky, insulting and trolling messages strewn all over the place. Really enjoyed the game...wish there was a little more to it though. No real jumpscares but there was some definite tension and unease because there were subtle and not so subtle hints of upcoming spoops. Can't wait to see what the developer comes up with next.

This was a therapeutic and learning experience for me! I feel like a whole new person(MONSTER) after playing it. I have OCD about some things so if people did the things that are done in this game I would lose my mind. Being the troll was fun as hell though and extremely addicting. Game uses dry humor to perfect effect. Play it, experience it and stay AWESOME!!

short and sweet! this game began and ended with a revelation! hopefully this gets an update and is expanded upon...lots of interesting ideas, I especially liked that it highlighted your goals -- super helpful. thanks for watching and stay AWESOME!

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Handle With Care is a Ludum Dare - 72 Hour - One Room game. It is an amazing physics based platformer and is fun as hell. The goal it to obviously not break any priceless relics but the challenge is in controlling your reckless character through the cluttered museum. Can you beat my score of 1,500?

Bendy and The Ink Machine is an amazing game that everyone needs to check out on itch.io! The artwork is stellar and really captures the old timey cartoon look it is aiming for. The voice acting was awesome and all the sounds were amazing. The jumpscares were super effective and implemented properly. Everything about this game was epic -- the only complaint I have is the thirst for MORE!

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Cozy is a short atmospheric, point and click horror/adventure game. The goal is to find out what is going on with your uncle, to see if he is ok. Spoiler alert he is NOT!

is there any possible way you could turn mouse lock on? since I use two monitors I constantly find myself clicking out of the game. supposedly it is a super easy fix. I would love to record your game -- the little I played was pretty innovative and addicting. thanks and stay AWESOME!!

Quirky and beautiful game dealing with space exploration and discovering what happened to the alien life on a desolate planet. This game had some really cool ideas and peaked my interest just enough to leave me wanting more. So many questions left unanswered but so much potential...

If you like Karate you will LOVE this game! If you like Karate and Basketball you will really LOVE this game! If you don't like either you will still LOVE this game! This game is so much fun, especially when you are playing against a friend. The controls are silky smooth, the graphics are retro and pleasing, the announcers and sound effects are amazing! This game was so much fun, it should be illegal. KARATE + πŸ€ = AWESOME!!

this game is seriously fun and addicting! it is just one of those games you can't seem to put down. thanks so much for the fun times and the amazing experience. stay creatively AWESOME always!!

Just pay your taxes dang it, the small monetary savings doesn't outweigh the difficulty you will face. Literally everything and everyone is out to get you -- the law, dogs, cats, birds and even manholes. Rock solid controls, eye pleasing pixelated graphics and difficulty that will leave you coming back for more and not qutting in frustration. AWESOME game...check it out, you will thank me but even more you will thank TIbith for making this fantastic endless runner. stay AWESOME and thanks for watching!!

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this game was a lot of fun to play through. the characters were well thought out and the dialog was stellar. this is a game that you will be thinking about long after your done playing it. was supposed to be a 5 minute game but it took me almost 20.

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AWESOME! thanks man..can't wait to play some more of the game! should have a video recorded in the morning and out by the afternoon. YAY!