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I have so many ideas, and I think I would be good at having TONS of ideas even if they all aren't the best, but I have not the slightest clue how to code or program. Instead, here are some Ideas I think would be cool for the game:

1. Make a combat feature where you could go out and kill things with the weapons you make so you can get coins and every once in a while a random part.

2. Make it so the weapon making system is not so strict, such as being able to design your weapons with cool unlockable stensils or adding more parts for more variety, getting more money if the weapon and parts look cool together.

3. OH MY GOD make it sooo much easier to get money. no offense, but what were you thinking by making the first metal upgrade cost 490$ MORE THAN THE FIRST ONE. Also, I think it would be better to lower the prices of everything by A LOT than to just give more money.

4. Have more of a shop selection, so you can even buy cool upgrades, like making the water bucket get lower and get refilled by rain, but you can buy a well that connects to the bucket so it constantly reflills the bucket, or a house upgrade that makes it bigger, be able to buy more storage boxes, maybe even buy little people that will do work for you like put ingots on the forge or give a just made weapon to the customer.

5. Add a feature where you start out with a copper axe, hammer, and pickaxe. Through the game, get more and more materials and money to upgrade those into higher levels, using the axe to chop down trees to clear them up, or get materials like wood and leaves and such to make your own parts, and have buying them straight out as just a little side feature that is and easier option if you have the money to. Use the pick axe to break rocks that give you your ores for smelting, also buying them as a side feature. Finally, use the hammer as it is used now.

6. Have multiple shop systems, so you can go around and go to other people's shops to get materials instead of from your home, like if there is no stone with the material you need lying around, you can travel to the local shop for metal and buy it. Or get parts from the hardware store.

Those were all my ideas I I have now. Hope my spelling wasn't bad, I have a broken keyboard to keys are delayed and mess up and such.

I don't want to go off on you here but it's very easy to say you'd be good at something when you don't know anything about it. A bright and shiny idea takes so much to put down in a game because you have to break it down to literally every single aspect. Every blade and design of that blade needs to be hand crafted; the size and shape, color, any extra bits that look a little different need to aligned and rendered and tweaked. The hit box and physics need to be programmed (if contact with floor = true then pull x and y axis of coordinate X=741, Y=0, Z=18 to floating point of floor coordinate X=float minus X of the blade, Y=.... etc...

But anyways, aside from "Hey, it's easy! You just have to know how to do it!" I'd like to look at your ideas for the game. I'm not affiliated with the developer, just a guy who likes what he's done with the game so far who also has some time on his hands.

1. This is probably a design choice. This is a game about being a blacksmith and running a shop so I could see "go out and kill slimes" being completely off track for what he invisioned for this game. Maybe it's not and he might end up doing something with that but for all of us who like the idea of running a blacksmith shop and making cool weapons might not like the direction of a questing game to go out and slay 15 dragons to get a cool new blueprint.

2. This comes back to how much work is involved with actually making each and every blade, hammer, hilt, guard, etc... I'm sure he's working on something for this already or he has plans to do so. Actually I believe I saw on his Trello page that there are quite a few things that he's currently working on such as shields and more designs.

3. It used to be so much less that you blew through each and every ingot in just a couple in-game days and the game was just done, over, too boring to continue. I'm sure this isn't the final product by any means but it does give new guys something to strive for and is much better than a 15 minute "Okay I made everything, I'm done" kind of experience.

4. These are multiple jumbled ideas crammed in to one selection. It's very hard to take anything from what you even put here other than "Make the game better!". He's working on a lot of these things and others might make for good ideas/suggestions by themselves. The bigger house is going to be worked on at least. Who knows what he's going to end up doing in the long run.

5. I really like this one. I do know that wood working is a possible thing in the future that will be coming up and if you checked out the 0.72 sandbox bode you'd see that mining is already being tested. I do really like the idea of each item being staged in terms of upgrades to make each one easier though. Great idea.

6. This has been brought up a few times and continues to be brought up on the Trello page. There has been talk about having other shops and buying things from those shops in person, hiring a goon to go pick stuff up for you... There's a lot of talk already on that front, hopefully we see something soon on that after most of the bug fixes are completed.

Again, not trying to attack you here... Just the way you came across "I'm amazing at this even though I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about" just really rubbed me the wrong way... Maybe I'm just in a bad mood and I'm sorry for that. Either way, I suggest maybe checking out the Trello page and seeing what's going on there too. Get an idea for what's being worked on, what's being talked about and refine some of those ideas a little bit. If you have more like your #5 then I'll personally be looking out for your next suggestions, they could be brilliant.

Sorry if I made it come off as the wrong way, but I didn't mean for it to sound the way your interpreting it. I meant it as I would be good becuase not my ideas are good, but becuase I am full of them. As in, I could probably never program a facebook 5-second game in my life, but I could have sooo many ideas that atleast maybe 1% out of 25 would be good. I know it sounded a little jerky saying, I would make a great game programmer sorry about that, but I meant for it as in I have so many ideas that I would never run out, even if they are bad ones. So i would be good at coming up with ideas even if they aren't the best, but I would definitly NOT be your go-to guy for actually CARRYING OUT those ideas.

Also on #3, I know that Dasius is working on balancing the pricing system. The problem at hand is that some players want a casual, quick playthrough with minimal stress or effort, so the pricing would have to be very forgiving. But then other players want a challenge, something that will take a longer time and give them a sense of accomplishment. I don't know which update it would be scheduled for, but Dasius is currently toying with the idea of allowing players to select a difficulty level that will change either ingot pricing or profit margins so that all players can tune the game to their own personal preference. Game balancing (for any game, even board games) can be a very long and tedious process with many missteps, so I'm sure he appreciates any feedback that will help fine tune the system. Thanks for listening, and Happy Smithing!