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The previous version was working when I initially got the game, but it started slowing down at some point for some reason (past 2 weeks), I don't know if some software I installed could've affected, but I can't quite figure out what could be the cause. I've tried running admin, SSD, even the nvidia control panel settings look to be fine.

Hmm. The only thing I can think of that might have affected it at that time was the game's use of external files, but I'll double check to see what I did at that time. I wouldn't think it was software you installed. What happens when you run the CTHON_NONFORCED.exe in the folder?

Which version are you running by the way? The latest is 1.11.

I've been running 1.10c "CTHON_NONFORCED" most of the time, but my first version 1.07 also doesn't work like it used to. I tried 1.11 just now, but it seems to be same performance wise. I noticed when playing with fraps (not recording) that frame rate was 26-27, and in some areas it dipped to 21-22 for a while before returning to 26. But since I didn't check what the frame rate was when the game worked normally, I don't know if these frame rates are normal or not.

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The previous version also dropped in performance? That is super weird. Here's what I would try first: delete the version you've been working with, perform a restart, and then download the latest version and give it another try. If its impacting previous versions there is either something not right with your machine or there might be a memory leak somewhere that I need to hunt down. I have reached out to the Game Maker community as well to see if anyone can shed light on the issue.

Yes, 21-27 FPS is not normal. It should be running at close to 60, ideally. On lower end machines I normally see it run between 55-60 FPS.

This is strange. I restarted my computer, and right now the game runs smooth. I didn't do anything right before the restart, but I've had my computer on for quite a long time, and during that time I uninstalled some codec pack (klcp or something) and some kodi player, along with nvidia gaming experience software. I had the gaming experience before (so I doubt that's the reason), but the reason I uninstalled kodi + some codec pack is because my game started running slower a little after I installed those stuff on my machine, as before them it was running smooth. It could be a coincidence, and maybe have more to do with something else.

Hmm. That is pretty weird. Its not really apparent what the cause could have been, but if it does it again do let me know and we can keep troubleshooting it. Glad its working better for you now!