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A member registered Mar 02, 2017

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This is strange. I restarted my computer, and right now the game runs smooth. I didn't do anything right before the restart, but I've had my computer on for quite a long time, and during that time I uninstalled some codec pack (klcp or something) and some kodi player, along with nvidia gaming experience software. I had the gaming experience before (so I doubt that's the reason), but the reason I uninstalled kodi + some codec pack is because my game started running slower a little after I installed those stuff on my machine, as before them it was running smooth. It could be a coincidence, and maybe have more to do with something else.

I've been running 1.10c "CTHON_NONFORCED" most of the time, but my first version 1.07 also doesn't work like it used to. I tried 1.11 just now, but it seems to be same performance wise. I noticed when playing with fraps (not recording) that frame rate was 26-27, and in some areas it dipped to 21-22 for a while before returning to 26. But since I didn't check what the frame rate was when the game worked normally, I don't know if these frame rates are normal or not.

The previous version was working when I initially got the game, but it started slowing down at some point for some reason (past 2 weeks), I don't know if some software I installed could've affected, but I can't quite figure out what could be the cause. I've tried running admin, SSD, even the nvidia control panel settings look to be fine.

Yeah I'm having the same problem the other nvidia user has, the game runs slow (like in the second video), but it used to run better before I don't know what happen.

It's interesting, but I've recently started encountering this same issue. I didn't have it before, but it's a problem now. Not entirely sure what caused this to happen, is there some windows system tool I can use to see what changes I've made to my system (installs / programs / services) in the past 2 weeks?

My specs are the following:

Nvidia geforce 670

Intel 5820K

32gb ddr4

Win 7 64-bit


I've tried the game on SSD, but it doesn't seem to help. My current performance is similar/identical to that of the second video, and the game used to work fine 1-2 weeks ago.