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This was lots of fun, I was hooked immediately!  It was challenging at first but then as you gained more help it got easier, which fits the concept of the game and the jam concept perfectly.  

Also the design was intuitive, a simple concept that was then expanded on and ramped up, and I loved the 'scripted death' at the beginning to give you a clear idea of the end goal.

One small thing is that by the end of the run I was getting major lag, at least on the web version.  Probably on my end since I'm running this on a much lower end laptop than anyone in their right mind should be using.

I was getting major lag

Always a problem with these kinds of games (bullet hell adjacent). There was a very brief time in development early on where I thought about that and then quickly forgot again. That's the problem developing on a high-end gaming PC 😅.

But I'm glad you could still enjoy it.