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This looks good! Would you consider adding a Linux build?


Hi! One of the devs here. Unfortunately the game didn't sell very well and we had to shut down the studio so, no, there will be no Linux build, sorry :(

Very sorry to hear that :-( Thanks for the reply.

There is a glitch in the game where I can't get past the opening because the clothes don't spawn in the locker and the AI just yells at me to put on clothes but there are no clothes. Can you help? I bought the game and I REALLY want to play it.

At the risk of posting spoilers here:

It's not a glitch, it's a puzzle.

The solution is:

Wear a towel instead. Click on one of the towels in the lockers and you will get a message saying something like "looking good!"You can then exit the cryo room and explore the lockers in the crew cabins to find one with clothes in.

Hey, thanks for the advice. I did eventually figure it out. But seriously I appreciate that someone followed up and tried to help. Cheers!