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I too would be very interested in a Linux build!

Thanks for the reply. Consider this your first request!

Linux user here. Would the devs consider a Linux build for this game? It looks rather good!

Very sorry to hear that :-( Thanks for the reply.

This looks good! Would you consider adding a Linux build?

Good to know, thanks!

Thanks for your reply. The Itch app informs me that there is no executable file.

I am well-versed with wine, but you advertise that your game will run on Linux (I see the penguin logo displayed on this page) but the .rar file currently contains no Linux-compatible program.

To put it very simply: there are only Windows executable files in your .rar package.

I've just downloaded this game and cannot find a Linux binary in the .rar. Could you please advise where I can find this?

Thanks for making a Linux demo!

Just had a quick 15-minute bash and everything seems to be in order! Thanks again for the Linux release.

That's good news, many thanks!

Great game! I understand that you have a test build for Linux and would be very happy to see a version made available for this OS.

Ok, thanks for replying.

Is there a possibility of having a Linux version of this game? It looks great :-)

Nicely disturbing experience, thank you! Works perfectly on my openSUSE system.

Unfortunately, I am having the black fog on my system, too. The framerate seems fine but I cannot see anything until I get very close! AMD FX-9370 w/ 16Gb RAM, Nvidia GTX 970 with 430.26 driver, openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Great game. Thanks for supporting Linux!

Great. Downloading as we speak :-)

Sounds great. Thanks!

Will there be an early access Linux download available?

Good to know that you plan Linux and Mac. Would a Linux demo be possible?


I have just tried this on my OpenSUSE 42.2 system and get the following error:

Initializing game system...
ALSA lib dlmisc.c:254:(snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/alsa-lib/
/tmp/_MEItjknhd/sge/ UserWarning: pygame.mixer module not initialized! Are you missing SDL_mixer?
Initializing GUI system...
Loading images...
Loading fonts...
Loading "special/title_screen.tmx"...
Starting game...
Failed to execute script retux

I have SDL_mixer and pygame.mixer installed. Can you offer any help?


Looks very good. I'd buy this if a Linux version was available.