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Hello, I am Kolby from the FellowGamersStudios.

I saw this game and realized the immense potential in a matter of minutes of playing the game. It provided a task, antagonist, and an almost 100% sandbox realm to enjoy. I recently added some suggestions, one of which was added. (Yeah, it was chests. How in the world did you guess?) Anyways, I would like to give some heads up on the development progress and some personal things that would be fun to see in the game.

1: Improved sky.

Your sky is amazing, it gives a feeling of comfort as you battle a shark and a feeling of wonder and bewilderment as you watch the moon pass over. However, the reflection of the moon and sun when either rises can be easily made better. Currently, it is only showing where the light originates, which is from one point. How you could make it better is have the full-scale moon and sun reflect across the water. Not only that, but your sunrays are very nice looking, but if you look through a slit in, say, a wall or stair, it produces unwanted rays that tend to make it look a little overbearing. To fix this you could make the rays disappear as they enter a certain linear point towards the camera.

2: Full graphical optimization/customization.

One more thing you could do is increase the amount of changeable items in the options GUI. Such things may include: SunRays. Water Quality (already existing), Shadow quality, RayTracing. Those are just some.

3: Explorative arena.

As the game goes on, you get to a point where you have made the biggest raft, defeated the shark many times, and have virtually an infinite amount of resources. Afterwards, you make a new save file and start over again. It would be wise to make a sort of end-goal, or somewhere that you see when you start the game, but must work your way towards. Possibly an inhabited island.

These are just 3 suggestions, and they are all simply gameplay and graphical-wise. Personally, I love the game, and have so many ideas on how you could develop it. But I'm not the developer! Can't wait to see what comes next!


Kolby Spring, FellowGamersStudios.