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Hi there, went into a weird situation, maybe it´s a bug, maybe it´s not.

In the 3rd game I jumped over one of the doors... and stayed above that door. going to right or further right did nothing. Closed the game at that time.

Once I restarted it I could see the two black men in the distance but the character herself wasn´t in the game... however I couldn´t do anything out the game either.

Hi beagah, that is one of many bugs that we've mechanically tuned as best we could within the 2 and a half month time limit to prevent from occurring.

Just curious, were you able to jump back off the door once this happened, or were you just stuck overall & the only other alternative was to close & re-open the window?

Overall, it's the game's way to push the character out of the computer's window despite there being a bunch of collisions in place to prevent this, therefore not allowing her to respawn in the starting spot once the in-game application starts back up.

The only solution we've conjured up so far is to simply walk through the door rather than jump in proximity of it, then progress from there.

Understood, my only doubt was if there was something to it because so far it was the only door I could jump over and stay, as if there was a platform there. So it´s just a bug?

Seems like it, depending on the height of the door, it would be the collision properties for the platform shown later in the 3rd application