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Understood, my only doubt was if there was something to it because so far it was the only door I could jump over and stay, as if there was a platform there. So it´s just a bug?

Interested in this too. I don´t want major spoilers, just to know if there actually IS a path that makes you use Morse code, instead of only using it to translate the emails. Typing on the keyboard doesn´t make any different sound in any different area, as far as I know...

When you open the Internet and the Red Man/Deity appears with all those letters, there is a trail of letters that are slightly brighter, but I have trouble understanding it.

Hi there, went into a weird situation, maybe it´s a bug, maybe it´s not.

In the 3rd game I jumped over one of the doors... and stayed above that door. going to right or further right did nothing. Closed the game at that time.

Once I restarted it I could see the two black men in the distance but the character herself wasn´t in the game... however I couldn´t do anything out the game either.

Nice work there, liked that you placed both a nice and a naughty path hehe.

My suggestion for the next game would be something with Sweet Mask and Metal Bat (with his hair from the special episode 6 - MUCH better than that hair gel mess).

Someone has to do something with that nasty attitude of Sweet Mask, and Metal Bat would be the best to calm him down a bit, make them sort their issues... plus maybe he gets that autograph for his sister in the end, eh?