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I liked what I could play, but I think I ran into one of the glitches talked about in the comments. Got stuck at some point and couldn't seem to get further in the story. If this glitch gets fixed [If it even is a glitch], I'll do a revisit episode.

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May I ask which build you've downloaded? (Windows/Mac/Linux) Because that may have something to do with your problem.

Also the game appears to be zoomed in a tad in your video, was this what it looked like while playing? Or is it something with the way you've recorded it?

As for where you've discovered the glitch, you've triggered the next level correctly, however that mechanic appears to be broken. Though this shouldn't be the case given that other people's playthroughs & the numerous tests performed before release indicated that everything works fine, but nonetheless I'll look into this

It looked this way when I played the game. I was using Windows.

Just because you tried this on different computers before the game's release doesn't necessarily mean that the game is bug free. It looks like multiple people ran into the similar problems. Which means that this problem should definitely be a big concern.

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Whilst it's true that this game isn't completely bug-free, it can be difficult to track down problems like this when the computers that are testing this game usually return with positive results.

However, one thing we did find after re-downloading the game & playing through it a few times across different computers was that the game wouldn't launch due to OpenGL 2.1/GLES 2.0 not being supported by the graphic drivers for that computer.

Although this may not be the same problem as the one you and the other commenters are facing, have you updated your graphics drivers recently? If not, do so and if that doesn't change anything, the application should have a console which opens when the game is launched.

Check that to see if any errors pop up while you're playing & if it does, let us know as that will bring us one step close to figuring this problem out