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Hurrah, really hardcore to master by training myself control! Uhh, I love this weight-pull hauling system! Make an multipendant of rocks in deep caves, cannot lift muself, use distant-controled rope-crane to ceilings and step-by-step pull all out like an caterpillar! But rising this all to refinery is hard if lander disbalanced. Ah, that hard mining what I really need in CortexCommand...

Rope is great for everything! Especially pin monsters to the ground. Even trying to take monsters alive to refinery, but there's automatic cutting...

Hm, spiders is really easy, if you pin and stomp them. Wasps is easy too, if you watch the sky and have space&fuel for dodge. Quite deadly on the exit of cave, if you can't retreat cause your rock garland here...


Uh, refinery laser sometimes cannot see little debris. Hmm, some of ropes cannot be canceled – green laser don't select them. http://img.ctrlv.in/img/17/03/05/58bc6f9ab96c4.png

Uh, now I Escape from the Craft screen to Scan mode (two Escape in the row) with Roper in hand and can't move anymore, only open/close Craft screen (if you close screen, he raise the hand) and use Scan menu. http://img.ctrlv.in/img/17/03/05/58bc887f68b7f.png


I wanna shoot when I'm on the rope! Anchoring myself on slopes and other unstable positions (especially in mountains). Maybe add this option as upgrade? Like Wrist-binding-device or Hands-free-system.

Electrochassis of Lander can make mass killing quite easy.

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I'll be looking into solving the couple of glitches you mentioned this week.

Edit: Both bugs are now fixed in Update 6.