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Hm, I guess it depends on how long the overall story is...?

There's this one otome game for IOS called "Ephemeral." I don't exactly remember how much each story costed, but it was very reasonable for such a good game. (I think all the main stories put together was about $15 or so...? And that's for 4 "romancable" characters.)

That being said, my absolute max would be $20, give or take. (Sorry, I would be able to pay more, but I'm kind of too young to have money of my own, so...ahaha...)

Hi mshen19!

Thank you for your input!

It is never an easy job to price your own work, for several reasons, but it's also a challenge we must overcome haha XD But what we can tell you right now is that it won't be over $10.

We hope you will continue to support us in the future!

I know I'm not exactly part of this, but, if it's going to be over 5-7 hours of gameplay, then I recommend around $6-8. (depends on you tho)

Hello Raze1718!

Thank you so much for your suggestion!

We haven't decided on a fixed price yet, so any opinion is greatly appreciated!

We hope you will continue to support us in the future!

I will!