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And here it is, fantastic! I think you've now officially released all icons that were available on that "free-for-non-commercial-MV-default-icon-sheet" (wow, that's a mouthful). 

Anyway, I know I've asked you about your plans for future icon sets several times already but let me pop in another two questions. 

Have you decided what you'll work on next? And, will you make a big licensed pack of actual skill icons too at some point? 
I know there's a few spell icons in one of the previous packs but while those would fit well for your regular elemental mage I can see void for icons that would fit other classes skills. Just putting it out there. Maybe I'll inspire you, maybe it won't.

In any case, keep the icons coming!

Thanks so much! :D

Unsure what'll be next in terms of paid packs at the moment! I definitely need to make more equipment/weapons/accessories/etc. so that's something that'll be coming soon, and I also want to make more UI-related icons such as generic stat icons (ATK, DEF, LUK), menu icons (settings, exit game, save) and I guess I've been thinking about doing some specific spell icons for a while, so I might bump those up in the list.

Thanks for the suggestions, they're actually very motivating haha!