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Nicely done. Once my snake got long enough I started ramming the lightest blocks intentionally for score. That lasted until things got too quick to dodge well anymore. The armor is definitely the best powerup, since the other two destry powerups too. I really dig the music; did you compose it?

Thank you, no. Frankum on

I postponed sound and music as long as I could, but I dunno why: the game really came alive with those elements.

Can you think of a third power-up, an alteration to the laser perhaps that preserves some power-ups? As my friend Craig points out, EMP and Laser basically have the same effect, so a variation would be nice.


Tunneling, jumping, or ghosting? Those could allow passing over, under or through barriers safely, without rewarding points for their destruction. Ghosting would probably be the easiest, both to render visually and for the player to understand. If the armor pickup currently destroys other powerups (I never had that situation), maybe have this powerup allow picking up others while it's active, to further differentiate it

Good ideas! I do want one that  makes you dash (tunnel or ghost) forward suddenly (and destroy everything in a straight line).

I was thinking instead of a laser, some fireballs or something that shoot forward and bounce off walls unpredictably.

The armor power-up does not destroy others, no.