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After further digging around and testing the game I can confirm that its somewhat easy to crash the game by changing through resolutions and toggling the fullscreen option.

I was also able to find a lot sources with people having issues in general that their monitors go black after quitting a game so dont worry about that one too much. Probably not your fault.
The only (unreliable) hint I found was to replace the d3d9.dll file. who knows where the bug actually is that causes this behavior.

One last thing...

Why is the list with possible resolutions so long and includes duplicates of the same resolution every once in a while?

Yeah, I gotta look more into it. If I can't figure out where I made a mistake or why it keeps crashing on resolution change, I might end up just removing the resolution options for a while (and just keep the fullscreen toggle), until I can get a better handle on it. We'll see.

The resolution list is all of the display modes that the game thinks your "primary" monitor supports. My guess is that if there's duplicates in the list, it might be because there are multiple color-depths or refresh rates available for the same resolution (and my list of buttons are just showing the resolution width and height). I'll add in the extra display mode info to the button list to see if that might be why.