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Might I suggest adding more directions other than sideways to the battle animations of all the medieval packs? Right now you are not able to attack/block/dodge in every direction which makes it impossible to work with anything other than jRPG battle system.
I would gladly support a remaster.

I actually have since made exactly that, though right now all of that stuff is only over on my Patreon. The buildable characters all have over 2000 frames of animation - over 70 different animations, each in 8 directional facings, including walking, running, idling, numerous attacks, resting, using items, and much more. Likewise, monsters have 400 frames of animation, each animation in 8 directional facings. On top of that, there are thousands of new tiles there as well, and other resources.

See you at patreon then! Thanks for the reply!