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The aesthetic is really neat, and I'm always down for a bit of spicy randomness. However, there are times where this feels really stacked against the player. I'm sure part of this is my own need to improve how I use weapons, but there are a couple of areas where I wonder if the game has tilted a little too far:

1) There's no real way, that I can tell, to deal with enemies in diagonal squares. This isn't a problem when you have an enemy chasing you, but in a room with multiple enemies, it's super annoying. 

2) Map defogging seems really unfair.. Sometimes whole rooms reveal quickly, but if that room's got bitey plants in it, you can bet that you'll have to move through square by square and take damage that sometimes feels flat-out unavoidable (see image)

3) Blindness is very punishing. I wonder if it shouldn't be restricted to when you get hit by a scorpion, rather than having a random(?) chance of infliction when you hit and kill a scorpion.

1) That is true! Rooms with a lot of enemies are dangerous.

2) Yes, it's far from ideal. 

Explanation: There is one grass tile type that is covering line of sight (to your right in the image, that looks like a corn plant). It is true that it's a bit of a gamble. In this case you can safely move up because plants will never spawn in the a doorway. Also, by definition plants can't spawn adjacent to each other. It doesn't solve all situations but it helps sometimes. 

I hear you. I might redo that tile to indicate the blockage better. This system is on the list to iterate on in a sequel.

3) If it's any help, killing a scorpion with any ability will avoid blindness. You have to evaluate if it's worth it.