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Hi! Today, one friend report me the same problem with the mouse in the Windows 64bits version (in his case, he fixed changing the sensitivity in settings menu). Other friends reported that mouse is initially inoperative at the first play, they solved it changing the sensitivity too. i'm starting to supspect where is the problem, and how to solve it for future projects. In 3~4 weeks I will be publish a new game (the next practical exercise, a space shooter). I hope the mouse does not trouble in the next project :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback :)


Sounds good! I am glad that you managed to figure out what exactly it was. Because this seems to be a glitch sort of thing, I'll move your review to the "Granny Jo Approved" section of the channel. That way people can check out this game if they want.

Once your new game comes out, drop me a comment. I'll review it and count that as a revisit. If not I'll just keep a look out.