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You should put Draegast's video instead of Jack's, because he plays this game more and frequently.(I know, Jack is more famous and blah blah blah, but Draegast makes this game more interesting)

Hey CookieThief66.

I don't necessarily have a youtuber preference. I think they are all great including Draegast. I put Jack's video because he brought the game to a larger audience. Plus, a lot of people respect his opinion and enjoy his content. So it's no disrespect to any other youtubers who has covered my game prior to Jack or after, it's just he simply brought in more eyes to my game, so far, that I'm aware of.

The first day he showed it and my views and downloads jumped from 2000 to 20000 in one day and it continued from there. I feel I owe him. If I can put all the youtubers that supported my game on the cover page I would, but unfortunately I can only put one.

This does give me an idea though.