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Take one part Zelda, one part comedy, a dash of retro nostalgia, and a talking llama, then put them all in a pot and cook for an hour...and you'll probably get food poisoning. Toasty, on the other hand, is a fun treat of a game, full of silly humor and food people. Also slimes, coffee, puns, television-heads, marshmallow-heads, and pretty ladies who support your endevours. And that's just in a demo! I'm eager to see what comes with the full game.

Good job, devs.

Proof that I did the thing! The grotto was the biggest help.

Well now we gotta show you off on Twitter!

Oh, I meant to mention this before, but there's a layering issue where it's possible to stand on the llama bro's head. Unless that was intentional. (Either way, I found it funny.)

Oh yeah we fixed that in the second update. We can't be havin' that haha