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This was a glitch, but we thought it was funny and decided to leave it. It's absolutely a fun way to farm for that cert! Stay tuned for the entirely new demo! 🤫😎

WOW!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Kickstarter is almost hereeeee

Really sorry about that. I've been using ESC to get out of it. That's something we will address in the next update!

Thank you! Ill be sure to give this a watch!

We are currently working on a Mac build for the demo as well as a linux one. :]

WOW! Thank you so much!! <3

OH what Program was it? 

This problem happened for someone else. Do you have anything plugged into your PC that windows may think is a controller? 

We're actively working on it. Sorry about the wait...

Oh! What version did you play by chance? We fixed that bug in 1.10! :D Soooo happy you enjoyed the game!! 

...Marshmallows have hair?

Thank you!! We're working hard to make it more polished. Then that Kickstarter will make in CrAzY

Could be sooner! We don't know yet! The Kickstarter drops soon and it'll depend on what tiers we hit :D

Do you have anything bluetooth connected or anything besides the keyboard and mouse?

Something in one of your USB ports is being registered as a controller. Is there any weird peripherals plugged in?

If your controller is plugged in then the keyboard won't be recognized. Make sure any sort of controller isn't plugged it when you run it!

Oh yeah we fixed that in the second update. We can't be havin' that haha

You guys got this!


OH!! This glitch happened to me as well and nobody else was able to recreate it! Thank you so much for that. We're definitely going to get that fixed in the next update. Thank you  for letting us know!

Well now we gotta show you off on Twitter!

Thank you so much!!

We will definitely give it a watch! Thank you so much for the kind words!!!

Thanks Sammy!
We watched your video and were happy you enjoyed yourself playing our game! The first thing you ran into was something you needed to "interact" with. The coin out of reach is something we will take note of and you gotta face away from the torches to travel on fire. We're gonna take your experience and adjust a few things for future plays. Thank you so much!

Once the game boots up you have to use Keyboard or a controller.

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We're working on the Linux version right now. We will update everyone once it drops :]

Thank you!!! We plan on updating the demo quite a few times and we definitely have a plan for my SFX! That's actually on our Trello! I'll make sure to address those collision issues as well. Thanks for taking the time to check out our game :] 

They tremble in fear of your mighty mouse.

We are working on it right now. We will post an update when it drops! Thanks for your interest friend.

Thank you so much!! I'll be sure to let our sound guy know!

Thank you so much! We will continue to update the demo so WhO kNoWs!

Also we will fix that bug!! Thank you so much for catching this! >_<

Holy butts, THANK YOU!! We're so glad you had a good time! <3

Thanks Bred! We worked really hard on it ಥ_ಥ

Toasty is now finally playable for the public! The Demo that is...

Play as Marshall the Marshmallow Knight, as they attempt to stop an all-powerful evil and protect the many friends you make in the magical world of Geldia. All the while, discovering the truth of you own mysterious origins. 

If you enjoy Top-Down Zelda Adventure games and/or quirky characters this game is definitely your sack of potatoes! Our team has been working very hard on this and we hope that everyone has a great time playing it. This demo still has some kinks to knock out, but will continue to be updated! 

The Demo is FREE and available to download RIGHT NOW