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Fun game! Had some preference issues as far as the feel of the weapons, but the look of the game was great and it was a decent demo. I didn't have any issues with the controls on the kb and mouse though things were mapped to weird keys. The physics of throwing bombs was also a bit off as far as power and trajectory. Overall good job for a class project. Good luck with the rest of your studies and keep making games!

Hey! Thanks for the video review :)

Total agree with the grenades, are not well implemented (I'm affraid no are the only thing in this project), sorry for that :) About the control map layout, I'm using the standard/traditional FPS control map: AWSD for moving, C for crouching, Space for jumping, etc... Anyway, I'm glad you liked the game. Thanks for playing :)

P.D.: Mental note for next projects: Add the input map layout screen in game menu too, not only in the main menu ;P

Yes! I saw that when I realized it was C to crouch. I was going crazy with it and must have hit everything but C lol Take care and good luck!