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Thanks for making these. I've been eying your page for a while now (quite a long white actually) but never really took the leap, even though I liked the quality of your icons.

Quite simply, I didn't think there was enough quantity to replace a full icon sheet. And while the icons looked nice, you have such an unique style that it doesn't match anything else.

This all changed when you released the complete MV default icon overhaul pack (free for non-commercial use). I realized I had not been keeping up with your work, and that you now had both quality AND quantity. 

So... I just bought the entire set. Pack 1-8 (and downloaded all free bonus packs too!). Super happy with these and there's so much of it.

I guess I just wanted to say thanks for making them, and let you know what made me open up the wallet. Overhauling the default icons like that was very good marketing.

Going forward, maybe consider adding some sci-fi or futuristic icons as well, hm? Well, that would make me happy. But, whatever you make, it's likely I'll buy it at some point as long as you stay consistent with the style.

EDIT: Do you mind if I use some of the database entries in your sample project (the one from the RM default icon sheet overhaul) in a commercial game?


Wow, thank you so much for the kind words, that was really heartwarming to read!! <3 I really hope you enjoy the icons and get a lot of enjoyment out of using them!

Thank you so much also for buying them, your support really means the world to me, and I'm honestly so grateful. Thank you.

I've got some modern/futuristic icon packs in the pipeline for sure, so you can definitely expect to see some of those soon. :>

And yes of course! You can use the database entries however you like, commercial is all good!

I know I've said it a lot but thank you again. I really do appreciate it. :D

When arranging your icons last night I just noticed that you've yet to release any accessory icon pack? Stuff like rings, necklaces, brooches, pins and piercings. Like I said, I'd most likely buy the next pack regardless of what it is (futuristic sci-fi stuff would make me drool...hehe), but I think accessories could be a good one to prioritize as well.

Also, question! There's a few icons in the free to use MV default icon sheet replacement that's not in any of the packs (free or licensed) released up to date (including some yummy accessories!). Are those bits and piece potentially being released in a pack in the near future? Would be nice to be able to not have to edit them out since you went through all the trouble of neatly arranging the sheet for us.

Oh and thanks for the item/weapons/armors .dat file. It'll serve as a great inspiration. Some of those descriptions were pretty good!

Yes, accessories and other equipment like armour and the like are also on the list to be made soon! Both fantasy and more modern/sci-fi types. :D

Ahh yes, good eye! The unreleased ones that you've spotted are going to be free for commercial use, and they'll be released alongside the next Pixel Dailies pack which should be very, very soon, so you can go ahead and use those however you like!

Thanks so much haha, I'm glad you like them! <3