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There are an impressive amount of mechanics (and UI functionality) going on here, especially for a 7DRL-- well done! 

I was dying a lot at first but after reviewing your help section (particularly the summary of combat) I was able to keep my armies going longer (still needed to stock up on fresh fodde- err-- farmers every few rounds. In the last game I played I died to a herd of rhinoceroses, which was a novel strategy gaming experience. 

A few thoughts:

1) It was sometimes difficult for me to distinguish between my units and the enemy units when they were the same type. I may have been missing a UI tip, but it would be cool if there could be some kind of visual indicator on the map to distinguish friend from foe (maybe a red box around them or something)?

2) I almost instantly grokked the darkened FOV as moveable tiles, but it's still a little non-standard to shade out places that ARE possible for you to move/attack. Maybe there could be a green overlay instead of a black one to indicate possible choices?

3) A field for how many days you have left before you run out of rations would be nice for those of us who are lazy and don't want to divide the amount of rations by the number of rations consumed daily.

I'm not sure how many of these were updated in the next version. (Very cool that you already have that out already, btw). 

Overall, a fun condensed strategy roguelike that reminded me of MoM and Conquest of Elysium. Thank you!

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Thanks a lot for playing and taking the time to write this up!

"died to a herd of rhinoceroses, which was a novel strategy gaming experience" - LOL

The feedback is on point; I spent way more time with map generation and AI than I intended, and didn't get to polish the visuals as much. The next version added a "Side" to the info sidebar letting you know which side the unit belongs to - certainly can do better, but it's a start. The biggest update in 0.2 is really the balancing - I didn't get to test it enough during 7DRL itself, so 0.1 turned out a bit tedious to win.