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What an awesome execution! I really love the core gameplay that you have going for yourself. I think the game could be super cool if you juiced it up a tad bit more and that would make up for the very simple graphics. I managed to score 15k so far and I'll def. play a bit more.

I do want to mention that it's very unclear to me what turret #2 does and how it's used. I also thing that having a camera that zooms out a bit if you reach the edge of the screen would help the game quite a lot. Especially if you are trying to dodge things in the middle of the bottom.

Also export that to webgl for all the mac/linux people ;)

Thanks for the praise and feedback! I definitely wish I had a bit more time to add more polish/juice. I did originally want to add a short tutorial so the player understands how everything works, however since it didn't make it I've instead added a section to the game description labeling each of the upgrades. I also added a Mac and WebGL build to the page, good call. I totally forgot about making multiple builds.