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See the full download is up, congrats on completing your game! :D

Thank you very much! :)

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the full version of the game, more thoughts in the video! ^o^

Thank you so much for your playtrough and let's play, both of us really enjoyed watching this :) You've a really nice voice. And I liked the voice acting a lot!
Also thank you for mentioning the errors and grammar mistakes! I've written them down, so we can fix them with an future update!

Seems like you also suffer from the itching-nose-while-recording-syndrom? Haha. I know many let's player having that! That made me laugh :)

And don't worry to much about not being able to say my name since it's German~ in english it would be plushcat. ;)

You're going to make me cry, my voice isn't that wonderful to listen too but thank you so so much for the wonderful comment! :P

The itchy nose while recording sympton is...unique! ^o^

Also loved going through both yours and Yobab's notes, adds a really personal touch when the player sees it. <3