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It was an interesting concept at first, but then the more I played, the more I realized how prejudiced this game is. Not everyone holds the same double standards, and although I know the point of this game was to highlight the double standards we face, I found it impossibly hard to have the woman get the job. It got tiring as I tried different options to let the woman win, but unfortunately my efforts were in vain.

I went on the game's page and searched the comments for some clues, and fortunately someone asked the same question. But instead of answering, the developer gave a vague answer and I was left clueless once again.

Despite all that, I still enjoyed this game. It was enjoyable and highlighted some serious issues we face today that we as a civilized nation shouldn't. Props to that.


Hello asgaroth!
Do you believe that the game is biased, that I am biased or that the reality of the labour market is biased?

Perhaps the answer I gave to the question whether it's possible or not to have the woman hired was vague on purpose because that is a crucial point of the game. Or, who knows, I am just very evil... :-) What's your guess?


I believe all three is possible. My guess would be that it's impossible to get the woman hired, so that's why I gave up, because I didn't see the woman succeed in any of the let's play I watched. But it was a good game, nonetheless!