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I believe all three is possible. My guess would be that it's impossible to get the woman hired, so that's why I gave up, because I didn't see the woman succeed in any of the let's play I watched. But it was a good game, nonetheless!

It was an interesting concept at first, but then the more I played, the more I realized how prejudiced this game is. Not everyone holds the same double standards, and although I know the point of this game was to highlight the double standards we face, I found it impossibly hard to have the woman get the job. It got tiring as I tried different options to let the woman win, but unfortunately my efforts were in vain.

I went on the game's page and searched the comments for some clues, and fortunately someone asked the same question. But instead of answering, the developer gave a vague answer and I was left clueless once again.

Despite all that, I still enjoyed this game. It was enjoyable and highlighted some serious issues we face today that we as a civilized nation shouldn't. Props to that.

The new demo was amazing. The menu screen is much nicer, and when I scroll back the interface is prettier and the font is nicer, too. I hadn't realize that Noah's tattoos were green, I'd assumed they were black. I liked how our mc is now customizable and when she chooses a different dress, the sprite changes too. I see the effort you put in, and it's amazing. :) I saw Desmond in the extras, too! I'm glad you're implementing new things and making it more like a visual novel, with CGs and everything. This new update got me hyped up even more than before - I'll be so happy when the full game is released!

Aw, that's too bad. Korin is my favourite character in the game so far, after Noah, of course. :> I was half-expecting the fourth love interest to be a prince or a king from another kingdom, seeing as the mc is in line for the throne. But that's nice too, a princes doesn't always have to marry a prince. Oh yes, I'm not into girls but I do like options! That'd be great if it was true.

I didn't realise the Queen Regent was referring to Roy, I kept thinking that the King and Roy were different people. Yikes.

Oh, will the final game be on both steam and, or just steam? And will there be an ending where she gives up the crown??

You're welcome no, thank you for creating such a wonderful game! Best of luck! xoxo

I was quite sad to realise it's just a demo, but it's fun nonetheless. I've always loved games like these, set in the medieval ages and about royalty. I know so far that Emry, Noah and Teiran are romantic options, but I was wondering, would Korin be available as an option? But so far, I'm leaning more towards Noah.

I find it hard to believe that no one realised Bianka was pregnant, I thought she was pregnant even when she first appeared. My opinions on the characters varies so far, with Korin and Noah topping the list, but I can already see Korin getting together with Jeisa, though. Teiran doesn't go on that list, though. His character intrigues me, it's like there's something underneath his character.

The main character is very perceptive and smart, which is refreshing from all the airheaded heroines you often see. I like that we get to dictate our relationships with the other npcs, save for Bianka. Although I had saw that coming, seeing as they're both in line for the throne. I'm very excited for this game and cannot wait for its release! I'll be looking out on Steam for the game when it comes out!

Good luck!