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I SOOOO desperately need this in a full game!! absolutely loved it!  please check out my gameplay and excuse the skit at the start its a usual thing for my channel! its also highly odd! :D

Thank you so much! I will be making a full Mortuary Assistant as soon as I finish Our Secret Below

Our Secret Below has a demo out in a day or two also!

Awesome! I'm 100% a fan of your work haha and will be playing the full Mortuary Assistant and ill do Our Secret Below soon as I can, thanks again for your awesome game, it brought me out of a hole about making videos, gave me some inspiration :) 

Thank you so much and I’m happy to hear it helped!

I’m doing the work of going down the comments and letting you all know that the demo for Our Secret Below is now available! Thanks so much for playing mortuary assistant and I hope you play and enjoy this one!

Our Secret Below Page